Tanzania Women Miners Association (TAWOMA)


Organize capacity-building workshops/seminars for members to

  • Acquire license and operate legal mining and mineral processing activities.
  • Attain mineral market skills.
  • Form co-operatives groups and savings and credit societies (SACCOS).
  • Improve leadership skills to TAWOMA branch leaders



TAWOMA Youth is a team formed with graduates and students from different universities in Dar Es Salaam, that got an opportunity to join TAWOMA and went through training about Minerals and its Value Addition.

Through training we got the chance and seen so many opportunities that can be provided in mining sector. By connecting the mining sector with other different professions i.e. Art and Design, we were able to apply value addiition by applying minerals in our creative designed art works.

The team was formed early on August 2021 after meeting with these women on the Saba Saba exhibition of 2021, with the great help and
motivations from General Secretary of TAWOMA Mama Salma Ernest, we formed this team that now has got 22 active members who works underguidence of Tanzania Women Miners Association (TAWOMA).

To Youth, this is an opportunity to employ ourselves and to get the chance to participate directly in the Mining Sector and contribute to the National Income. TAWOMA Youth is not for just graduates and students from universities only, we only got lucky to be the first being introduced on this Association. All youth from anywhere around Tanzania are welcome to join us into this mere and beautiful opportunity.

Our main office is located at Dar es salaam, Upanga, Undali Street, Plot No. 29, where the main office of TAWOMA is. We expect to open our branches in all regions around the country so that we can reach many of our fellow youth.