Tanzania Women Miners Association.

The Tanzania Women Miners Association (TAWOMA) is an association, formed on 22nd August 1997 and registered on 23rd Nov 1997 with registration no 9280 and certificate of compliance number 1552. Its office is located at Undali Street,Upanga Dar es Salaam,


Empowering women miners’ in poverty eradication through financial, professional
and marketing empowerment


To develop and encourage women miners to eradicate poverty in their families as well as to contribute to GDP.

TAWOMA believes in the following values;


TAWOMA strives to develop and promote women miners and address the problems related to the sector. The mandate of TAWOMA is to organize, facilitate the female miners and advocate for enabling a business environment including financial, technical and sustainable and thereby raise their standard of living. Specific services allow them to conduct miningmembers include training and awareness issues;market support and service that mining activities which are economically viable and environmentallyprovided by TAWOMA to raising on technical, business, environmental and safety issues; market information; representation and policy advocacy.


Multidimensional Socio-Economic activities with health, education to Self Help Groups, microfinance for integrated rural development based on mining societies.


Develop and promote Women miners and mining communities and address problems of dis – organized mining including mining-related activities, economic hardships, poverty alleviation and the general needs of members and those on the ASM Industry.
1. Supporting the Disadvantaged Ones in Tanzania Mining Communities to improve and protect the livelihoods of women and children in the mining communities