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Our Achievements

In this very short time since TAWOMA Youth was formed, we were able to participate in the 6th exhibition of industrial products and 60th anniversary of independence of Tanzania Mainland that were held in Zanzibar from 3rd to 9th of December 2021. The experience we got was one of things that we are proud of untill now. Also we got an opportunity to participate in 24th meeting of Small Scale Miners Dodoma, of which TAWOMA hosted, followed with an exhibition. There we were able to do a presentation to a Minister of Minerals, Hon. Dotto Biteko and we were also able to sell our artworks on that exhibition. Finally we were able to get the chance to participate on the International Minerals and Mining Investment Conference that was held on the (JNICC) julius Nyerere International Convention Center from 21-23 February 2022 as Delegates. through this value addition opportunity we have from Tawoma, now we have advantage to participate in any event or conference that concerning with mineral and value addition